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Need a Web Developer to build a WordPress Website? 


Today the Web environment is in a continuous expansion and development. At Luigy’s Web Studio – WordPress Web Design  we noticed that every customer wants to build  their websites on a platform that offers them the possibility to manage the websites themselves.  Fortunately, there are CMS – Content Management Systems platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) that fix this problem.


If you are among one of them we can offer you WordPress Web Design Dublin (most used platform for CMS sites – over 25% of total websites built worldwide) which will provide you with an admin area where you will be able to login on any computer that has Internet access.


From WordPress CMS admin area (dashboard) you will easily create, edit and delete pages, add text, images, add products, add product descriptions, links and media files to your website without any previous coding or design knowledge. Also you can change the website theme(s) and make regularly framework, themes and plugins updates.


If needed we will also show you how to make updates on the CMS sites and give helpful advice when needed. The CMS sites platform provides also an economical and more simple way to build and scale up an ecommerce website.


Magento and WordPress CMS are the most used platforms today by many developers to build e-commerce stores as they are easy to work with and offer quick setting up time.


The WordPress CMS is more widely used (over 25% of total websites) than Magento CMS.  In addition, WordPress it’s more flexible and easier to work with when building an e-commerce website.


Why WordPress Websites?


  1. Open Source CMS and powers over 25% of new websites
  2. Cost Effective & Flexible
  3. Easy to Use, Maintain , Upgrade
  4. Supported By Worldwide Community
  5. Ideal for Personal Sites or Small Businesses
  6. Suitable for small Ecommerce Sites
  7. Easy to Familiarize with its Dashboard
  8. SEO Friendly – 99%
  9. Supports Multimedia

The advantage of using WordPress Web Design Dublin is that the WordPress CMS is highly customisable, easy to manage and we can craft much faster a website, blog or even a small ecommerce online store.

It also offers the possibility to the customers to keep their website or blog  up-to-date from the comfort of their own home without paying a WordPress web developer to do the job.


However, there is a certain degree of coding & web design knowledge involved especially if you want to customize the themes, appearance or build e-commerce websites.

If you are looking for a WordPress Developer  Dublin that can build a professional, easy to maintain WordPress website, blog or ecommerce store look no further than Luigy’s Web Studio. In addition we offer Digital Marketing, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance, Social Media Marketing services. Digital Marketing if properly implemented, allows your brand or business to build reach, awareness and increase conversions (sales of products or services) . 

You can contact us for WordPress Dublin, Ireland at info(at)luigys-web-studio(dot)com


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