Why Choose Google Search Advertising?

Google search advertising services in Dublin

Interested in Google Search Advertising services? Have you wondered why your website pages doesn’t not appear in the first page of Google Search organic page despite spending a lot of money on SEO? Do you want to know how to list your website business or personal page on the first page in Google Search instantly? Then this blog post its for you. (Estimate reading 5 minutes)

Google Ads- PPC (Pay Per Click) or formerly known as Google AdWords its a paid service offered by Google that allows you to create a paid ad (paid search campaign) in order to advertise your product or service on the first page of Google Search. Its very helpful for those who wants to get instant results, traffic to website pages or build brand awareness.

Google Search Advertising allows you to easily manage everything from keywords (word or phrase that a customer enters into the google search), ad types, adjust budgets and bidding strategies. Google PPC aims to drive visits from people who explicitly told the Google search engine that they want a particular service or product.

Top 10 reasons to choose Google PPC- Google Search Advertising

  • Instant reach to your audience compared to standard SEO (you can have a running ad in minutes)
  • Select you ads budget (option to set daily of lifetime). No minimum spend either
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Choose your own target audience (based on your business target persona), or lookalikes
  • Google is the number one Search Engine used by billions of people, therefore its massive reach can help your business grow very fast.
  • Its PROFITABLE (if the search campaign its well run, well researched and well managed)
  • Its Predictable, Consistent (compared to standard SEO when the algorithms are always changing – Penguin, Panda Hummingbird, Bert etc)
  • Easy measurable results (dont have to be a technology geek to read the insights, results, performance of your search ad campaign)
  • Allows you to create bespoke ads based on keywords and audience of your choice
  • Let you add ads extensions (links to your other website pages, etc), which are very valuable for your business

As you can see Google Search Advertising offers pretty awesome features and its very powerful. Its up to you to decide if you choose Organic SEO or Google PPC Ads for your business. Both offers advantages and disadvantages. Weigh them well and choose whichever think its suitable for you.

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